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Computa Shares Sophomore Single on Bassrush with Vicious Digitized Dubstep

Computa has returned to Bassrush with his sophomore single, “32bit.” In a relatively short time frame, Robert Baker—more commonly referred to by his catchy pseudonym Computa—has caused quite the commotion within the world of bass music. Drawing heavily on elements from the video game canon, his latest single ticks all of the boxes of a certified showstopper.

Since powering up the project back at the start of 2019, the burgeoning producer from Philadelphia continues to spread uncontrollably like a malicious virus running amuck with no end in sight. With a digital-savvy sound that is both high-voltage and hardwired to make the minds of the masses short-circuit, Baker has blown through an impressive list of heavy-hitting labels from the likes of Disciple, Wakaan, Subsidia, and pumping out a string of releases on SubCarbon. Bassrush Records were also early adopters of his, having hopped on his third single ever by way of last year’s crunchy single “Distorted.” The crew has been itching to sync up with Computa on a proper follow-up, which finally shows its face in the form of his sophomore effort, “32bit.”

“‘32bit’ is probably one of my craziest tracks yet. It feels perfect to drop it on Bassrush, considering they throw some of the wildest shows I’ve ever been to.”

  • Computa

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