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Colonel Sanders Signs Record Deal With Insomniac, Set to Headline EDC Las Vegas

After a weekend in which he dominated the main stage at Ultra, Colonel Sanders continued his hot streak with a huge announcement. The announcement? A record deal & EDC headlining spot with one of dance music’s largest brands: Insomniac.

Insomniac founder CEO Pasquale Rotella made the announcement via his radio show late last night, claiming “Sanders demonstrated in only 5 minutes that capitalism is way more important than standards, and we can’t wait to exploit our fan base just like Ultra.” 

On Ultra’s opening day, someone wearing a helmet of Colonel Sanders’ face walked onto the main stage and gave an awkward, yet memorable performance. The set left many fans scratching their heads, and of course, wanting some fried chicken.

In addition to the Colonel’s big news, Pasquale stated that the Hamburglar will join Sanders at EDC this year. The burglar is set to play a 2-hour techno to close out the Sunday of the festival.

You can re-live Colonel Sanders epic set from Ultra below:

And P.S – April Fools 🙂

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