COFRESI and Megan Hamilton's Effortless Collaboration 'Patience' is Here [Listen]

Smooth as butter, Cofresi and Megan Hamilton’s collaboration that they rolled out during their headlining tour this past Fall is now here! Between COFRESI’s bass-forward and powerful synths instrumental use combined with Megan’s lyricism and vocals about “feelings of falling short in a relationship,” “Patience” is an awesome melodic blend.

We used the adjective “effortless” to describe this track because of how seamless the collaboration between these two talented artists is. We aren’t knocking the long nights that more than likely went into producing this song, but am pleased with the harmonious sonic combinations between Hamilton and COFRESI.

COFRESI has always been known to push modern production with a unique live hybrid style that includes an acoustic drum setup in addition to his live dj set. His powerful energy translates into his own music that is multidimensional in its own unique way. Megan Hamilton is also a powerful one with her own producer and vocalist background in hip-hop roots. We love what these two have put together for “Patience” and know you will too!

Give “Patience” a listen below:

“As soon as I got the vocals back from Megan for this track, I knew we had a special collaboration on our hands. Her execution and style are unique and both lend themselves to the instrumental and surrounding production.”

Featured image via artist Instagram page.

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