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CloZee Unleashes Stunning & Surprising Ganja White Night Remix

Painting French producer CloZee into a corner is the last mistake anyone should make. While her brand of bass music frequently touts rosy, choral vocals and delicate, Eastern string plucks, she’s been hinting to a darker side to her music for some time now. Fans of her DJ sets and Clozinger side project can attest to this.

Her remix of Ganja White Night‘s “Chak Chel,” out today, is that satisfying plunge into the sonic deep end.

Listen to the remix below:

Last year, we praised “Chak Chel” as our favorite moment on GWN’s seminal Origins LP. CloZee’s facelift keeps the original’s lovely panoramic sweep, but gives it a few nocturnal rows of teeth for a climax that’s pure, volcanic weird bass.

This remix dots a constellation of CloZee’s all-encompassing influences. From the world music peaks of 2017’s Harmony EP, to futuristic swing with Balkan Bump (“Varshaver”), to her recent delve into darker bass music with Liquid Stranger (“Ceremony”).

Ganja White Night’s own flirtations with tribal drums and deftly-produced orchestral bass tunes on their last album sets the perfect stage for CloZee’s sound design to blossom. All in the same track, she leaves expectations firmly rooted in the major-key melody of the original, before shattering them completely with a white-hot, pulsating second drop that would leave an artist like Peekaboo green with envy.

CloZee’s one of a few artists we named way back as capable of pushing the boundaries of bass music. In 2019, she’s succeeding in defying even her own unique parameters for a sound that’s gritty, uplifting and refreshing. If her current live tour is any indication, we imagine this isn’t the last time we’re going to be surprised by her.

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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