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CLN Steps Out of His Comfort Zone on Newest Single 'Fade to Grey' [Listen]

Australian artist CLN is back with another single release before the drop of his forthcoming debut album. “Fade to Grey” dives into CLN’s slower and sensual side as he continues his pursuit of making beautifully chilled music. This single takes on a modern R&B-electronic fused twist while showcasing his production skills. Give “Fade to Grey” a listen below.

With quite a few impressive releases under his belt since he began making music in 2014, the sky is the limit for CLN. Listening to his music from then to now shows an evolution of his sound, which he explains he’s been “pigeonholing himself into a particular style.”

“This song was a result of experimentation with new sounds and textures. While I was working on this song, I realised I’d been trying to pigeonhole myself into a particular style rather than make whatever comes naturally. At that point I decided that I should try avoiding sticking to a particular ‘sound’ and instead experiment as much as possible and see what happens. This song doesn’t really sound like anything else I’ve made -but I like it anyway.”


Featured image via artist. 

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