cln Finds Solace After Disastrous Australia Fires in New Release 'Dust' [Listen]
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cln Finds Solace After Disastrous Australia Fires in New Release ‘Dust’ [Listen]

Australian artist cln is back in the game with his second release of 2020 titled “Dust.” After the release of his debut album last year, cln established himself in the modern R&B electronic music world as he continued down the pursuit of making beautiful music. “DUST” is another fine example of this as you venture through its lush atmospherics and soft instrumentals.

This release is a personal one for cln, as he explained more about the details of the song below:

“When I’m not making music, I spend most of my time working on conservation research projects. I have a few different roles, but most of them are focused on birds. One of my positions involves doing survey work in remote regions, many of which were burnt badly in the recent fires. This song is a reflection of the scorched landscapes that I’ve been working on and the emotions that they provoke. It’s quite difficult to see these forests burned so badly, particularly in areas where the plants that vulnerable species rely on are now completely gone.”

– cln

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