CHVRCHES Release First Single From Upcoming Album [Listen Here]
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CHVRCHES Release First Single From Upcoming Album [Listen Here]

A cryptic video posted last night on the CHVRCHES social media pages was all the confirmation that fans needed. After months of teasing information about a third album, the synth pop band was ready to drop some new music.

Last night’s teaser video shows lead singer Lauren Mayberry drawing a heart shape on a bathroom mirror then crossing it out.

Obvious symbolism aside, the video’s background music is enough to warrant serious hype for the upcoming CHVRCHES album. The synthesizers sound much more prominent than in previous CHVRCHES tracks, leading us to believe that this album may draw stronger inspiration from the synthwave genre. A welcome evolution in their sound, indeed.

Today, the band dropped their first single, titled “Get Out,” a couple days ahead of the expected Friday release. No complaints here; a day with new CHVRCHES music is always a good day.

Stream “Get Out” in its entirety below.

Various fan groups on Facebook speculate that Love is Dead is the title of the third album. Official sources haven’t yet confirmed this rumor, but given that the phrase fits quite nicely with themes of heartbreak, there’s a good possibility this rumor could be true.

“Get Out” is also available to stream/download on all major platforms via this link. Stay Tuned for more coverage on CHVRCHES’ third album!


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