Chris Maze Incorporates Sci-Fi Sounds & FX in 'The Eyes' [Listen]

Get ya dancing shoes on for some new Chris Maze! He recently released an infectious instrumental titled “The Eyes” featured on OFDM Records. Though he is very early in his music career, having just started earlier this year, Maze continues to showcase the evolution of his artistic talent. With riveting moods and technical prowess, “The Eyes” go much deeper than just the song.

Give “The Eyes” a listen below:

Maze’s first few original productions were released on established labels including Aural Sex, OFDM, Cream Dance, and more. His music blends sub-genres and elements from house with a fun and energetic twist.

“My idea for ‘The Eyes’ was to make it sound like a science experiment. I included a lot of sci fi sounds and fx, and a vocal about brains being absorbed through the eyes. It’s quite a weird song in many ways, but weird is one of the best ways to describe myself and my music is an extension of who I am.” 

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Featured image via artist. 

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