Chicago's ALIGN Drops Smooth 'Second Thoughts' ft. Becca Krueger

After releasing his debut Intertwine EP in 2019, ALIGN finds home at Lowly Palace to deliver us more sweet goodies. Somewhere between the lines of electronic and pop exists his newest “Second Thoughts” featuring Becca Krueger on vocals.

Servicing all of ALIGN’s various strengths, “Second Thoughts” plays powerfully to the producer’s lush production and composition abilities. Weaving stunning vocals into his buoyant melodies, ALIGN and Becca Krueger create a truly special track together.

“’Second Thoughts’ is something I wrote with the intention of having an overall uplifting atmosphere and vibe. I loved where the track was going instrumentally, and felt like Becca was the missing voice the song needed. Becca’s lyrics provide a really cool balance as she’s narrating something relatable to all of us. I feel that the content of her story and the music itself meet in the middle to provide a nice degree of harmony together.” ALIGN

Stream “Second Thoughts” here, and find it on Spotify below.

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