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ICYMI: Cherub Dropped an EP Last Week & It’s Lovely [Listen]

Last week, Cherub unveiled their newest EP, titled Gummo Season, with little fanfare. There was no warning that the EP was coming, just that a surprise was on the way, per the eclectic livetronica duo’s Facebook page. Cherub, most significantly known for their 2012 hit “Doses and Mimosas,” have steadily remained in the public’s ears and eyes since, proving that they are here to stay.

While a lot of Cherub’s discography focuses on their bachelor debauchery, this EP sees a different side to the guys. Gummo Season begins with “An Intro to Love,” which foreshadows the main topic of the upcoming 5 tracks. “Love” is an upbeat guitar-fused jam that breaks down half-way, screaming it’s time for sexy time. “Can’t Feel Myself” finds Cherub joined by Meth Dad (what a name), probably one of my favorite tracks of the release,¬†concluding with “Me” and “You.”

It’s been quite the rare occasion that I listen to an EP from beginning to end, then play it on repeat, but this release was just that. If you’re a fan of cool, mellow livetronica, check out Gummo Season now. Cherub is much more than just “Doses and Mimosas.”

Per a post on Facebook, the two explained that most of the songs were created during their Free Form tour last year.

And to conclude, the Cherub guys are heading back out on tour this fall! Check out the stops below:

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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