Check out Safetalk's Psychedelic, New Single 'Gold of the Highest'

Check out Safetalk’s Psychedelic, New Single ‘Gold of the Highest’

Safetalk - Gold of the Highest

Anglo-French trio ‘Safetalk’ just released a new single via their own label, and it absolutely delivers! This psychedelic, soul infused track is the debut to their new album G.O.T.H., and we couldn’t anticipate it more after this!

Why do we like it?

The song begins with an intimate vocal-synth arrangement…but then we’re swept off of our feet into one hell of a pumpin psychedelic tune! There’s so much about this track that puts us in to a state of euphoria, and we’re eager to hear it on a huge sound system. Well done!

You can grab the track here!


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