Check Out TRUTH's 'Be Interactive' Deep & Dark Set [Listen]

Check Out TRUTH's 'Be Interactive' Deep & Dark Set [Listen]

Many fans called it evil. Some couldn’t handle it. Others were in a state of bassy bliss.

Before the lasers attacked for Bassnectar‘s set at “Be Interactive,” Bassnectar’s charity event promoting activism, New Zealand’s renowned dubstep duo, TRUTH brought a menacing mood in Nashville. Their screeches and wobbles and outright relentless bass terrified some fans and enthralled others. Fans took to Reddit to express their terrified state of mind amidst the deep, dark, and dangerous set.

Truth was fucking evil. from r/bassnectar

I know Truth got a little too spooky for some but I was really digging it. If you have anymore Truth videos please share! from r/bassnectar

And it did, indeed, have quite the deep, dark & dangerous vibrations. Some of the visuals even included visuals from The Shining. TRUTH proved to be the perfect opener for Bassnectar‘s “Be Interactive” event in Nashville, and if you missed it, you’re in luck because TRUTH‘s full set is available for your listening pleasure.

Check it out below

Featured photo: Alive Coverage

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