Champagne Drip Talks Workflow, Inspiration & Obelisk EP [Interview]
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Champagne Drip Talks Workflow, Inspiration & Obelisk EP [Interview]

Champagne Drip’s musicality encompasses a plethora of genres and vibes. His latest project Obelisk EP is weird and wonderful. It’s a melodic spin on experimental bass. Check out what he had to say about the project & more.

How would you say your music has changed since your debut EP?

“It’s changed a LOT.  When I first started Champagne Drip, the vibe was a 180-degree shift from what I had become known for throughout the years.  As I’ve developed I’ve gotten away from the initial tropical, light-hearted future-bass sound and gone back towards my roots with deeper, heavier music that is rooted more closely in Dubstep, DnB & Jungle. Now I feel like my music is a closer reflection of who I am as an artist and person.”

What is your creative workflow? What does a studio session look like when opening a blank Ableton template?

“My Ableton templates are non-templates, they are completely blank. I like to build tracks from scratch and see what happens when each process is unique. Recently I’ve been having sessions that are purely focused on sound design and that’s been really inspiring.  I focus on rich and interesting sounds.  Then, when I start writing I have some already polished parts to work with.  This is different from how I used to work before a couple months ago.”

When working on the Obelisk EP, did you make it with WAKAAN in mind or did it happen to fit their brand of “freeform” bass?

“I think it just happened to be a good fit, half of it was written before I knew I was going to start releasing music on the label. I have to say, my music is a product of my experience and I’ve definitely been into the sounds that I’ve been hearing when playing shows with Liquid Stranger and the rest of the WAKAAN crew. But, for example, “Nerf This” sounds a bit different from previous WAKAAN releases.  However, that wasn’t an issue and the label has been very supportive of my vision.”

Obelisk has been out for almost two weeks (at the time of the interview) now. What has the reaction been from its creator’s (your) side of things?

“To be honest I’m thrilled and overwhelmed by all of the love that has been generated recently. It seems to have been well received and I feel like I’ve found a larger audience for my music through this body of work.”

What has been the proudest moment of your music career? Top 3 if you can’t pick a favorite.

“Aphex Twin playing a couple of my old tracks over the years has to be up there. But if I’m being honest, I’m super proud that my music doesn’t suck and I feel like I keep improving. Making electronic music is very challenging and did not come easily at first. I’m happy I get to play shows and make tracks that actually work and move people. The life I’m living was a dream when I was young and the years of hard work and stubbornness are paying off.”

Do you have a guilty pleasure? If so, what is it? Music, activities, food, etc.

“I like all kinds of music so a list of guilty music pleasures would be eternal. I love video games a lot too.  I don’t know if I honestly feel guilty about any of these things.  The only reason I would feel guilty is if it got in the way of my work or health.  I try not to feel bad about myself and forgive myself and change if something isn’t working.”

Who’s music has been inspiring you the most recently? How does your next EP differ from Obelisk?

“If I feel like listening to current Electronic Dance Music, I gravitate towards Techno. It was one of my first loves from rave and party culture. I’ve been excited about a lot of different music but I don’t really live in a bubble of Bass Music.  Frankly, I don’t listen to it that much outside of finding material for my DJ sets and studying the latest engineering and sound design. Artistic inspiration for me stems from different places. I listen to lots of old Rock & Roll, Classical and Ambient Music just to clear my head.”

“When I work, I try to make something that moves me but has a unique feel and approach.  So far the next record is turning out to be more refined and diverse. Obelisk is a very hard and aggressive record. The next one will have more diversity. There are more melodic moments in some tracks, but at the same time, more stripped down and rhythmic or sound-design focused tracks too.”

Who would you say has had the biggest impact on your production and artistic style over the course of your career?

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with and developing friendships with many artists through the 17 years I’ve been producing. 12th Planet, Limewax, Liquid Stranger, DJ Roommate, No Thing & Noah D are some friends who have been with me and supportive over many years.”

Besides your own productions, what other artists can we expect to hear in your sets?

“Eprom, Zeke Beats, Herobust, G Jones, Tynan & Peekaboo to name a few.”


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