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Celebrate Porter Robinson’s Birthday With 6 Tracks That Define His Career

Acclaimed electronic producer Porter Robinson turns 25 today. The incredibly talented artist may be young, but don’t mistake youth with inexperience. Porter Robinson has been producing since age 12, drawing inspiration from video game music.

By age 18, young Porter’s first release, “Say My Name,” drew attention from the rising electro house/dubstep movement around the world. His first EP, Spitfire catapulted him to stardom in 2011, and it’s been a rise to the top ever since.

In 2014, Worlds introduced a completely new Porter Robinson, deviated from his dubstep roots, and unveiled this groundbreaking album debut.

For the accompanying tour, Worlds took fans through an emotionally moving experience that incorporated live instruments, stunning visuals, and even Porter‘s own vocals. Porter Robinson raised the bar and established himself as a pioneer of live electronic performance–all it took was one album. Over the years, the Worlds tour continued to evolve from the influence of being on the festival circuit.

From his first release in 2010, to his work with Madeon in 2016, Porter has consistently shown great maturity and growth as a producer.

In celebration of his 25th birthday, let’s journey back through some of Porter Robinson’s career-defining tracks…

1. “Say My Name” (2010)

2. “Spitfire” (2011)


3. “Language” (2012)


4. “Sad Machine” (2014)


5. “The Thrill” (Porter Robinson Remix) – Nero (2015)


6. “Shelter” – Porter Robinson & Madeon (2016)


The staff at River Beats wishes a very happy birthday to Porter Robinson!

Our staff has been celebrating by listening to each and every one of our favorite tracks from over the years. We hope all Porter fans out there are doing the same.

Feature image courtesy of WireImage. Photograph by Suzi Pratt.


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