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Casual T Explores Modern Dating on Debut EP ‘Lovers?’ [River Beats Premiere]

The game of dating is a tricky one. Heartbreaks and love can make one want to rip her hair out, but luckily, we live in an era where artists are capturing these emotions and transforming them into music. Austin-based producer Casual T encapsulated these exact emotions and put them all together in his 7-track debut EP titled Lovers?. The EP follows 3 previous single releases – “Bath?,” “Why?,” and “Wanderlove?” – that helped to showcase his sound to listeners.

Though this is his debut EP, Casual T is no stranger to the wonderful world of music. He’s previously experimented with a handful of monikers before pursuing the Casual T project. With his experience in other genres, he manages to combine elements from all of his past projects to fabricate the Casual T sound. When listening to the EP in its entirety, you can hear some of the different influences, especially in “What’s Love?” ft. Tone Royal where he blends “emotive dance music and hip-hop.”

Lovers? draws on Casual T’s previous romantic relationships to create moving music with relatable piercing lyrics. When checking out the track-list below, you’ll notice that each song title (and the EP itself) ends with a question mark. In a relationship, it’s easy to get caught up and question everything, leaving you feeling insecure and asking “What Are We?” – which is actually a song name featured on Lovers?.

1. Why? ft. viben
2. U Up?
3. Bath? ft. viben
4. Interlude?
5. What Are We?
6. What’s Love? ft. Tone Royal
7. Wanderlove?

Something cool and slightly random to note: Casual T partnered with HBO in 2016, which was later featured in HBO’s documentary Swiped: Hooking Up In The Digital Age. 

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