Casper Sun & Sunroof95 Join Forces on 'Chill W U' [Listen] - River Beats Dance

Casper Sun & Sunroof95 Join Forces on ‘Chill W U’ [Listen]

CASPER SUN MAKES HIS DESCENT UPON EARTH IN HIS LATEST SINGLE “CHILL W U” FT. SUNROOF95. A genre-blending feat from the stars, “Chill W U” sees Casper Sun fusing exciting R&B with textural indie-pop beats. With empyrean sound gifted straight from the cosmos, the tune weaves a sentimental tale of longing for a loved ones’ company before plummeting into an otherworldly surge of resonating kicks and a seductive trill of electric guitar. In its entirety, “Chill W U” duals as a summer anthem and a vibrant exploration into humanity’s never-ending quest for connection.

Check out “Chill W U” ft. Sunroof95 on Spotify below:

“Someone once told me a person needs 8 hugs a day for maintenance and a healthy immune system. I didn’t really get what that meant at first, but after this year, I see what she means. ‘Chill W U’ is a song about love in all its shapes and forms, and at the end of the day, I’d love nothing more than to spend time with friends and family. Maybe we’re not quite there yet, but maybe we can get closer one more hug at a time.” – Casper Sun

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