Caspa Refers to Face Masks as 'Muzzles' in Latest Tweet
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Caspa Refers to Face Masks as ‘Muzzles’ in Latest Tweet

In an effort to fight COVID-19, masks are highly recommended to be worn by all whenever out in public. The risk of transmission with both parties wearing a mask is low, compared to not wearing a mask at all. In light of this, many artists and merch companies are now selling masks – if they weren’t already selling them before.

Dirtybird recently launched their new face mask collection, which sold out within minutes.

Some artists aren’t taking too kindly to wearing a mask, including Caspa. In a tweet shared this morning, he says he “won’t be selling face muzzles on [his] shop.”

One of the first replies to the tweet was Black Tiger Sex Machine, questioning why he tweeted this. The two went back and forth for a short dialogue. Per the conversation, Caspa says he believes that “we’ve been lied to and told on numerous occasions, back and forth – including WHO that they are detrimental to our health walking in them and further making people sick.” Which is similar dialogue shared by other anti-mask folks.

We recommend doing your own research on the effectiveness of masks, including a recent study, linked here.

Featured image via Insomniac.

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