Cashmere Cat Continues to Assimilate in Hip-Hop with New OVO Mix [Listen Now]
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Cashmere Cat Continues to Assimilate in Hip-Hop with New OVO Mix [Listen Now]

Well-known producer/DJ Cashmere Cat, aka Magnus August Høiberg, has relentlessly established himself in the music production realm.

With the most recent release of his impeccably produced debut album “9,” Cashmere Cat has been relatively quiet since. Re-entering into the music world with a slightly updated sound is his mix contribution to OVO Sound Radio. In one mix, he not only blends in three different genres of music, but various tracks of new/old artists plus tracks of his own. Fitting into the “OVO Sound” founded by Drake, the mix does rely more on soft R&B vibes and easy transitions.

His music has always been bathed in hip-hop/R&B vibes, some of his tracks showcasing this more than others. The background and genre that he loves is obvious, and Cashmere Cat successfully incorporates his love into a non-traditional take on electronic music.

Cashy Cat for OVO Sound Radio

Peep the tracklist below.

1 marley waters – afterparty (airynore bootleg no drums version)
2 zutzut – spend the night edit
3 dinamarca – 9pm
4 dinamarca – ninos
5 cashy cat – victorias veil
6 nicola ratti – w9
7 airynore – without u
8 sinjin hawke – dont lose urself to this
9 t-ea – pencak silat
10 cashy cat – after coachella feat mø & sophie
11 arca – sisters
12 kid antoine – nightvision
13 lsdxoxo – freestyle 4
14 cashy cat – trust nobody feat selena & tory, devil mix
15 jamie xx – far nearer
16 cash cat – wild rice
17 dj nate – ima burn him
18 cat – infinite stripes feat ty$
19 halsey – hopeless feat cashy
20 greatest music on earth – emotion
21 zi존 – without you remix demo

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