Carole Baskin Missing Husband's Family Airs Ad During 'Dancing With the Stars'
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Carole Baskin Missing Husband’s Family Airs Ad During ‘Dancing With the Stars’

How much more 2020 can it get than Carole freaking Baskin on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars? Seriously, 2020 has been a freaking whirl wind of one chaotic thing after another. During the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars in several markets across the country, an ad was ran in which the family of Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s missing husband, asked for the public’s help.

Watch the ad below:

Lewis’ family asks for viewers to come forward with any information they may have following his disappearance in 1997, which was covered in the Netfllix docu-series Tiger King, released earlier this year (yes, this year!).

No statement from the Carole Baskin team on this yet.

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