CAPYAC Enlists Synthpop Powerhouse for 'Losing It' Remix [Listen]
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CAPYAC Enlists Synthpop Powerhouse for ‘Losing It’ Remix [Listen]


Introducing Anoraak to your ears today with his vibrant funky take on CAPYAC’s “Losing It.” The already groovy track from LA-based electronic crossover act CAPYAC somehow transformed to an even GROOVIER tune from Anoraak with the incorporation of keyboards and synths.

Anoraak has amassed a following of synth-pop disco lovers with his uniquely refreshing production skills. A triple threat, the French artist is not just a producer but a multi-instrumentalist as well as vocalist for many of his own songs.

I’m “losing it” over this remix, give it a listen:

Listen to the original:


Relentlessly funky and far out to boot, LA-based electronic crossover act CAPYAC are anything but ordinary. The duo, comprised of Eric Peana (P. Sugz) and Delwin Campbell (Potion), breathe a new life into disco, house, and everything in between.” – press release

Featured image via artists.

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