New Artist Calivania Launches With Dark Solo Single 'DOOM' [Listen]

Out today is the blazing bass-driven debut single “DOOM” from a new artist by the name of Calivania.

Beyond an intense melodic collaboration “Flatline” with Blanke to close 2019, Calivania is a new face on the block. Today, the new artist delivers an exciting second look into their sound with their debut solo single “DOOM“.

“DOOM” opens with menacing horns that instantly demand attention. The track breaks slowly into an addicting vocal hook before flipping back to the trap heavy sequence. With relatively sparse production, the single still manages to delivers immense power. The heavy percussion leaves space for each of the interweaving melodic elements and trap accents to pack a deathly punch.

Though Calivania is just now coming to light, the artist’s Instagram dates back to 2018 consistently filled with horror-themed vampire-esque pop art. Based on the artist’s unusual messaging coupled with the delivery of the track, it’ll be fascinating to follow the direction the budding artist goes next:

“We are Deads*, descendants of the Vampire — through death* we unlock our truest potential. Write your own obituary, and follow us to your DOOM.”-Calivania

Check out the new single “DOOM” below!

Connect with Calivania: WEBSITEINSTAGRAM

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