California Proposing to Extend Bar Hours for Third Year in a Row

California has been trying HARD to remove the 2am alcohol curfew at bars. Senator Scott Wiener is the man behind the pilot-program, which is currently in the final voting stage for the third year in a row. Obviously, bars and restaurants are all-in for the bill as well; staying open later equals better financial success, especially for those that rely heavily on bar sales for profits.

Senate Bill 58 pushes for an extra hour of alcohol serving for bars. Currently, as mentioned above, alcohol cuts off at 2am through 6am. Wiener’s goal is to amend the time to 3am, giving bar-goers an extra hour to purchase alcohol. The bill itself pushes for a “test” in 10 different cities throughout California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and West Hollywood.

Stay tuned for more, and cross your fingers for California!

H/T: YourEDM
Featured image via Unsplash.

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