Buygore Records Just Dropped a Tantalizing EP From One of Its Hottest Artists
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Buygore Records Just Dropped a Tantalizing EP From One of Its Hottest Artists

If you don’t know MineSweepa’s tantalizing brand of hair-raising bass trickery, then it’s time to listen up! His new On God EP out on Buygore Records and it’s an awe-inspiring creepshow.

The title track starts deceptively peaceful and airy, right before an air raid siren leads to an anxious, screeching buzzsaw strut. The subwoofer wallops are satisfying and massive, peppered with heavily modulated voices to keep listeners nice and frightened.

On “Portland,” Minesweepa pays tribute to his new cityscape with hammering, highly caffeinated chords that call to mind TNGHT’s zany trap creations. A voice hisses the name of the city before an impossibly manic tribal beat spirals and claps out of control. It’s an intoxicating sugar rush he’s dialed into.

The last song “Glass” manages to be our favorite for it’s infectious sound design. Distant wind chimes pitch up into a flat-out evil spiral of glass bottles clanking and ringing. A nervous sampled voice admits “I don’t really know what’s going on.” We can’t say we do either, but this uneasy, intoxicating EP has us thirsty for more.

Listen to On God Below:

On God – EP – MineSweepa



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