Bruno Martini - Sun Goes Down (feat. Isadora)

Bruno Martini – Sun Goes Down (feat. Isadora)

Why do we like it?!

This one is pretty simple for me. I love the intro, love the video, love the vocals and love the overall feel of the song. ‘Sun Goes Down’ ft. Isadora, and its sun-drenched vibes, have already earned Brazilian producer Bruno Martini over 7 million streams around the world. 

Brazil has been one of the hottest countries for electronic music in the past 5 years, and Martini is one example of this massive boom in the country. ‘Sun Goes Down’ marks the start of Bruno’s journey beyond his home continent.

With upcoming live dates planned across Europe in the near future, it’s clear to see that Bruno Martini is destined to become a superstar.

Watch the video below!


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