Brownies & Lemonade Host Pop Up Show With RL Grime; Madness Ensues in Packed Venue [Watch]
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Brownies & Lemonade Host Pop Up Show With RL Grime; Madness Ensues in Packed Venue [Watch]

There are a few things that go into running a successful event: security guards, organization, & general information to assist in entering the venue to name a few. 

World-renowned Los Angeles promotional group Brownies & Lemonade are normally ahead of the curb on all things listed above. Having successfully operated in one of the most crowded dance scenes in the country for years now, they usually know what they are doing.

However, last night proved to be a different story. B&L threw a massive pop up show with dance music royalty RL Grime and obviously, many were expected to attend. The event was held at Union Nightclub, which normally fits about 1000 people at capacity. Before the event even started the event hit those numbers, with hundreds of people waiting outside with no direction, guidance, or idea on what to do.

As you can imagine, madness ensued. Both artists, fans, and general observers took to social media to show their distaste for such a disorganized and overpacked event.

Check out the tweets below:


The Brownies & Lemonade crew has since taken to social media to apologize to fans for the mishap last night. They claimed they were underprepared for the number of people that showed up. The B&L crew are a top notch promotional group, successfully giving up-and-coming artists the platform they need to jumpstart their career. Unfortunately, tonight was not their night.

You can read the full statement from b&l below.

We weren’t properly prepared for the turnout tonight and we deeply apologize

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Featured image via Brownies and Lemonade. 

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