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Popular Youtuber Brooke Houts Abuses Dog in Unedited Footage

If you are someone you know are looking to report animal cruelty, please follow these eight amazing tips. 

Some people shouldn’t own a pet, and Brooke Houts is one of them. The Youtuber with over 340,000 subscribers somehow uploaded an unedited video on her channel. In the video, she kicks, punches, pushes and even SPITS on her Doberman Pinscher as she gets him to try to participate in the video. Someone caught the video before she removed it and uploaded it to Twitter.

The most ironic thing? Her channel is based on her “loving friendship” with her dog. Since the video has been shared, she shared a statement on Twitter.

She doesn’t deserve to own an animal, and I foresee the “cancel culture” of today impacting her future vlogs. We as editors, creators, influencers and just overall good people, should report animal abuse like this. Hopefully, Brooke and others take warning from the backlash on this video. 

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