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Skrillex Releases Two New Tracks 'Fuji Opener' & 'Mumbai Power' [Listen]

Update: Skrillex’s two-track EP is called “Show Tracks” as both new singles have been in his sets for some time. Today they finally see the light of day. You can listen to both tracks below, and don’t forget to check out the backstory on how this one came to be! 


Yesterday a leaked image found in the Reddit group R/Skrillex possibly confirmed a new Skrillex Ep coming this Friday, July 19th.

Your EDM reported the leak, and we all patiently waited for some sign that this could be true. Today that sign has come. With a cryptic tweet, Skrillex’s label OWSLA has just confirmed the news. 

When you look closely at the files on the computer desktop, you can see in the top right “Fuji Opener” with Alvin Risk and “Mumbai Power” featuring Beam. The release date then reads Friday at 12:00 am, which confirms the EP will drop tonight midnight. 

“Fuji Opener” is referring to Skrillex’s unreleased track “Ping Pong,” which was his opening single from his Fuji Rock Festival set in Japan last year. You can preview “Ping Pong” below. 


H/T: Your Edm 

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