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Boogie T. Sets Release Date on the Hip-Hop Album We Have All Been Waiting For

Boogie T may be “just some sh*tty EDM DJ from the swamp” per his twitter bio, but we all know that’s a huge lie.

This Louisiana native has proven his diverse musical talents from the start of his career. His first releases are remixes of songs by 90s rappers Three 6 Mafia and DMX, so it’s no secret that Brock Thorton (Boogie T) has an affinity for hip-hop.

Although known for his big hits in dubstep and riddim, Brock hinted at a hip-hop album back in 2017. Nevertheless, after two years, he finally confirmed that this anticipated album is to be released in two weeks. Watch how natural he is in spitting lines the way he does in this video:

Reaffirmation followed with Subtronics also tweeting about the excitement surrounding his own anticipation of this specific album release.

Brock’s music isn’t just dubstep and hip-hop. Over the past couple of years, he has been playing shows with GRiZ and his band, the Boogie T. Rio. His skills as a bass producer show in his live sets. While GRiZ is known for playing his saxophone live alongside his dubstep tracks, Boogie T plays the electric guitar during his.

If you’ve caught any of these sets recently, then you already know the kind of groove they boogie to. However, it’s unpredictable what future Boogie T productions will look like upon album release. Will there be less funky vibes and more Boogie T lines? Regardless, this hip hop album is long overdue.

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