Listen to BONNIE X CLYDE Remake of the Classic Adventure Club Hit ‘Gold’

dance musics rising duo BONNIE X CLYDE just released their official remake of Adventure Club’s classic Dance hit “Gold.” The two have teased the song for months prior to its official release. With direct support from Adventure Club, the song is set to be a hit amongst dance music peers.

Why do we like it?!

It’s extremely hard to take a classic hit like ‘Gold’ and make it sound new and fresh; however, BONNIE X CLYDE did just that. The song features Bonnie’s astonishing vocals and BXC’s signature sound. The ability of the duo to capture the feel of the original song, in their own style, shows their true ability and talent.

BONNIE X CLYDE are set to continue their successful 2017 campaign with club and festivals appearances all over the country. Give the song a listen below, and let us know what you think!

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