BONNIE X CLYDE Debut "The Wanted EP" [Stream Here]
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BONNIE X CLYDE Debut “The Wanted EP” [Stream Here]

In today’s over-saturated of the electronic world creating something unique and different is the key to success. Live instruments, unique vocal samples, and a massive social media presence or even anonymity is what it takes to create a unique buzz that elevates artists to the next level. It is vital to success. One shining example of this is Miami duo BONNIE X CLYDE. 

BONNIE X CLYDE recent climb has been due to several different “wow factors”. From being direct support for Skrillex, to carving their unique style they dub “Vocal Bass” or the success of several tracks such as “Closer“, “Rise Above“, and “The Ride“. 

In early 2017 the duo announced the release of their newest EP The Wanted EP. The first single off the EP, “Bass Jam”, hit #9 on Sirius XM’s BPM Breaker charts. The duo made their festival debut at “Life in Color Miami’ 2017 and have played several major festivals since then.

The highly anticipated “Wanted EP” has officially been released. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think. 

“The Wanted EP is a little something for everybody, we wanted to create a good balance between the rave and the radio” – BONNIE X CLYDE

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