Why BONNIE X CLYDE's New EP is The Ultimate Feel Good Summer Release [Listen]
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Why BONNIE X CLYDE’s New EP is The Ultimate Feel Good Summer Release [Listen]

Dynamic duo Daniel Litman and Paige Lopynski created the ultimate feel-good EP for this summer.

Since their formation in 2015, Bonnie x Clyde added their exceptional music to the pop-electronic music game. Their newest EP release, While We’re Young, envelops the title beautifully with eloquently mastered major chords and optimistic lyrics, sang by Paige.

Beginning the EP is a mysterious introduction song titled “The Unknown.” This is easily a top track from the album with it’s slightly sensual groove and deeper drop. Following up is “Do It All Over,” an optimistic tune Lopynski sings about wanting to fix mistakes with a more pop-like, lighter background (view video above).

Another one of our favorites is “Live A Little” – an uplifting track that completes the album with higher-pitched tones. It definitely fulfills the optimistic tone that the overall picture perceives.

Closing out the EP is “As It Should,” a slower-moving track that perfectly ends While We’re Young as Lopynski’s range and raspier voice moves the listener through relatable lyrics and feel-good tones.

Give a listen to the EP below:

Last year, Bonnie x Clyde’s EP Wanted easily delivered to their fans with filthier drops and more heavy base in their sound, and this completes their dynamic sound with cleaner and happier tones.

Don’t miss Bonnie x Clyde as they are on tour now!

Tour dates:

August 4-5: Veld 2018, Toronto, Canada
Aug 17: DAS Energi Festival, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Aug 18: Marquee Beer Market and Stage, Calgary, AB, Canada
Aug 25: Metropolitan Nightclub, New Orleans, LA, USA
Aug 30: Electric Zoo, New York, NY, Canada
Sept 21: Dahlia Nightclub, Columbus, OH, USA
Sept 22: Elan, Savannah, GA, USA
Sept 29, Gilt Nightclub,  Orlando, FL, USA

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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