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BLV’s ‘Sexplanations’ Evokes R&B-Inflected Eroticism [Listen]


BLV has displayed himself as an artist who is more on the edgier side of the genre he focuses on.

He’s accumulated over 20 million plays through his sound comprised of chill-house and dance-pop. BLV makes a point to top off each track with moving vocal verses and provocative names. “Sexplanations” falls right within this lane, especially with the latter, and we love it.

Jay Novus lends his voice in this particular track. Together, they blend influences of disco, new wave, R&B, and chill trap – packaged properly and never lacking a clean and modern feel.

BLV owns his territory without sounding repetitive in “Sexplanations,” proving more so that he will be around for the long run.

Stream “Sexplanations” below:

Featured image via artist. 

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