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BLKBRST & HIGHSOCIETY Combine to Create Sci-Fi Inspired Tune ‘One of Them’

BLKBRST and HIGHSOCIETY joined together for “One of Them,” a sci-fi inspired electronic track. The two have spent much of their career bouncing tracks back and forth to each other until finally, this one stuck. With an intense build-up and a gritty bass drop, it captivates from beginning to end!

“One of Them” includes vibes similar to k?d and Rezz, ones that are filled with hi-def contrast and unrelenting energy. The melodic introduction by BLKBRST heavily contrasts the glitchy bass drop, courtesy of HIGHSOCIETY.

“I liked the vibe of the drops but thought it needed more of an identity so I incorporated some of my favorite futuristic/sci-fi vibes.HIGHSOCIETY

Give “One of Them” a listen below and see why we love it!

Featured image via artists. 

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