Bleep Bloop Goes off On Trippy Turtle, Nazi's, Donald Trump and Others in Twitter Rant
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Bleep Bloop Slams Trippy Turtle, Nazis, & More in Recent Twitter Rant

For the past week, the United States, and the world have been expressing disbelief and sadness over the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday. Everyone from politicians, world leaders, and musicians have turned to social media to condemn those involved and express gratitude for those standing up against hate and prejudice.

And while most of the exchanges have been pleasant, a few of them within electronic music have gotten ugly. Yesterday YourEDM reported a heated exchange between Jai Wolf, Ghastly, Chet Porter, Hotel Garuda and JAUZ. The argument stemmed from a Jai Wolf tweet that Ghastly did not seem to take kindly. You can see that full exchange here. 

Today, a new Twitter feud emerged involving electronic artists Bleep Bloop and Trippy Turtle. 

Bleep Bloop, known for his unique bass production, has turned to Twitter to express his feelings on the events that took place in Virginia. He publicly criticized the white supremacist and those who support them.

As the day went on, Bleep Bloop would re-tweet anyone who commented on his views–whether they agreed or disagreed.

At one point, the bass producer stumbled upon a tweet by Jersey Club producer Trippy Turtle that sent him into a frenzy.

Even EPROM had something to say about the Trippy Turtle and Bleep Bloop exchange:

While his language might be vulgar, it’s hard not to side with Bleep Bloop on this one. Trippy Turtle has since deleted his tweet, claiming he was not responsible and that the person who was is no longer on his team.

It’s been one hell of a week for Twitter and DJ’S.

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