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A New Face Unleashes One of Bass Music’s Breakout Releases of The Year [Listen]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a contender for one of the strongest breakout releases of the year.

Australia’s blanke. is precise and furious on Sneaky Plans, with three experimental bass tracks that coil tightly before striking like death adders.


“What if we make this dirty?” challenges a voice on the song “Sneaky Plans and Clever Tricks,” before catapulting into a dangerously gritty rhythm reminiscent of some of Bleep Bloop and Sayer’s devilish singles.

It was stroke of genius to enlist the help of Holly on “Rush,” one of our favorite, most prolific collaborators in this dense, explosive style. Together, they dial in wonderfully tense, swiping synths that interlock perfectly with the low-end punch.

The last song “Flex” is maybe the nastiest on the EP. Faint sirens at the start create vast space for a satisfying, one-two buzzsaw gristle that is on par with some of Space Laces’ furious work.

blanke. made a resounding statement on this brief, brutal EP. As a relative newcomer to the scene, we recommend keeping a close eye on him in 2018.






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