Florida Duo Black V Neck Debuts on Dirtybird with Stand-Out 'Mouth Music' EP
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Florida Duo Black V Neck Debuts on Dirtybird with Stand-Out 'Mouth Music' EP

Hailing from Miami, the promising house duo Black V Neck made their Dirtybird debut on friday.

Like their first hit ‘Let Me Smash,’ which premiered on Shiba San‘s label last year, the two-track EP, Mouth Music, has already managed to garner support from some of the scene’s biggest names.

Listen to ‘Let Me Smash’ Below:

And after one listen, it is obvious why. Between low-end grooves, impressive vocal cuts and booty-shaking percussion, these guys’ knack for the art of production seriously shines through.

Title track, ‘Mouth Music’ first teases the listener with a minimal, classic house build, but don’t be fooled. A funky, chopping vocal line is waiting just past the one minute mark.

On the b-side, the much more promiscuous track, ‘Sex, Drugs and Alcohol’ is a party-starter from start to finish. Featuring a rather illicit vocal sample, grooving drums and an energetic drop, this raunchy record is perfect for those late nights that turn into early mornings.

Listen to the Mouth Music EP on Spotify:

Purchase the EP on Beatport here.

Read what Dirtybird had to say about Black V Neck and the release:

“…It’s hard to call either of these a B-side since they’re both massive. On ‘Mouth Music’ the guys expertly craft vocal scats and bits over heavy low-end kicks and bass; super fun and unique.


If ‘Mouth Music’ is the happy buddy next door, the second track, ‘Sex, Drugs, Alcohol’, is your bad influence friend that your parents warned you about. Made for dark places and big rooms.”Dirtybird Records

After making a name for themselves in the local Florida house scene, this dynamic duo is ready to step out into the global music sphere. With a name that challenges the ever-growing, yet over-saturated dance music industry that exists today, and a positive ethos to match, we are excited to see what these talented up and comers have in store in the near future.

Connect with Black V Neck:
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