Bass & Hip-Hop Collide as Biometrix and Nat James Unleash 'Heavy Artillery' [Listen]

Bass & Hip-Hop Collide as Biometrix and Nat James Unleash ‘Heavy Artillery’ [Listen]

Biometrix has unleashed his latest powerhouse creation, “Heavy Artillery,” now available on Position Music. Hailing from the dubstep realm, Biometrix boasts an impressive 300 million global streams and has earned support from platforms like BBC Radio 1.

This track seamlessly blends elements of Bass and Hip-Hop, delivering an unrelenting experience. The track’s hard-hitting verses are delivered by Nat James.

James represents Cambridge’s high-octane EDM scene, earning a nomination for Best EDM Artist at the TMMP Awards for two consecutive years (2022 & 2023). With explosive popularity and hundreds of thousands of monthly Spotify listeners, James has graced monumental events such as EDC and Tomorrowland, solidifying his presence in the intersection of Rap and EDM.

This release serves as a pivotal introduction to their collaborative project, the TAKE EM ALL EP, set to launch in its entirety on Position Music. Engineered to push the boundaries of bass, the EP promises heart-pounding drops and poignant lyrics that resonate. Tailored for gaming, fitness, and high-energy pursuits, it guarantees an infusion of raw, unstoppable power.

Together, Biometrix and Nat James have masterfully crafted “Heavy Artillery.” Dive in below to get a listen!

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