Billy Zigg Signs Sophomore Single To First Label With 'Big Smoke' [Listen]
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Billy Zigg Signs Sophomore Single To First Label With ‘Big Smoke’ [Listen]

Billy Zigg, an artist who just kicked off the alias last month, lands his sophomore single with long-time trap label MMXVAC. The single fits right in with the roster and certainly acts as a stepping stone for his label debut.

Musically, Zigg’s “Big Smoke” hits all the sweet spots, and is compounded by the ferociously commanding lyrics and cadence of Rico Act. The verses pair neatly with the filthy, brass-infused drops.

Though still in the infancy of his career, Zigg boasts the support of large talent, including Bailo, Pixel Terror, and Blunts and Blondes, affirming that the soloist is far from alone when it comes to getting serious bass-filled pleasure out of his releases. The Tampa, Florida native can only go up from here and plans to keep the momentum going well into 2019.

Listen to “Big Smoke” below:


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