Billie Eilish Hype: Why She Is so Popular Among the Youngest?

Billie Eilish Hype: Why She Is so Popular Among the Youngest?

Today, 18-year-old American singer Billie Eilish is a real icon. She is the first person born in the 21st century who made the way to the Billboard Hot 100. 

Moreover, her song “Bad Guy” didn’t just make it to the Hot 100, it actually won the first spot. Her albums are leading in music hit-parades, and the tickets for her concerts are sold-out no matter where she goes.

In 2020, Billie has already become triumphant of the Grammy Music Award. She was the first woman, the youngest person, and the first artist after Christopher Cross in 1981 to get all four major annual awards, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.

Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Billie Eilish?

Her rapid transformation from a regular teenage girl to a global pop icon is a modern phenomenon of fame. What is the key to this popularity and why the youth from all over the world is so obsessed with her? 

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Obviously, one of the main factors of such success is her age. Being only 18 years old, Billie Eilish easily finds a connection with a young audience. 

She shares their beliefs, knows their struggles, and gets them better than older artists. This explains why her songs are so popular among teenagers.


Looking at Billie Eilish on the stage or in her music videos, it is hard not to notice her unusual style. Baggy clothes, almost no makeup, weird outfits, and crazy hair colors – these are irreplaceable attributes of Billie’s looks. 

Everything in her appearance shows that she is willing to go against the flow and commonly-accepted rules. That’s what her audience loves about the singer the most.

Looking at her, we can say that she is an anti-pop-star. She doesn’t look like anyone else in modern pop culture, and this fact, without a doubt, attracts a teenage audience. 

As we all know, being able to express yourself and stand out from the crowd is what most teenagers strive for. Billie does that, and youth adores her for it.


Another big trigger of success is the music Billie creates. Her songs are much different from what you can hear from the majority of other millennial pop stars like Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande. They can be called a bit dark and even depressive, but that’s exactly what resonates among teenagers.

At the same time, her lyrics can be called cynical, ironical, mature, and not less important – quite deep. This is another important factor in success.


Billie Eilish was a homeschooled kid. She never really had a chance to interact with a large crowd of peers, as most of us do at school. This is probably what helped to shape her independence from the crowd’s opinion and unique style.

Social Media Life

With the wide popularization of social media channels, the lives of celebs have probably gotten much harder. Now they have to stay connected with their fans almost 24/7. 

This requires being grounded and transparent with their audiences, which doesn’t seem to be a problem for Billie Eilish.

Looking at her Instagram account, you can see her behaving like a regular teenager. She is fooling around and talking openly about her daily issues such as loss of friends, the pressure of increasing fame, struggles with Tourette syndrome, etc. 

Probably, her transparency and the fact that youth sees her more as a peer than a celebrity are the two most important triggers of her success.

Staying True to Herself

Finally, another not less important factor that defines her popularity is that she stays true to herself and her style.

One of the best things the audience loves about Billie Eilish is that there is no label or manager who would force her sound or image to fit in the universal idea of what a pop star should be like. 

Even after becoming insanely popular, she didn’t change her style, and that’s the kind of authenticity the audience is craving for.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, Billie Eilish has caused a big bang in the world of music, winning the hearts of young fans from all over the world. She is unique, honest, and original. 

Watching Billie’s career evolve is, without a doubt, engaging. She became viral only a year or so ago and has already created a huge legacy. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the world!

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