Big Gigantic's 'Odyssey Pt. 1' Gets A Dynamite Remake From KRANE - River Beats Dance
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Big Gigantic’s ‘Odyssey Pt. 1’ Gets A Dynamite Remake From KRANE

Big Gigantic’s Brighter Future Remix album enlists a handful of dance musics more electrifying artists. The album includes electronic music producer KRANE, who leads the pack with a phenomenal remake of “Odyssey Pt. 1.”

When Big G asked for this remix:

“I had so many ideas of where to take it and wound up making three different remixes,” KRANE explains. “But this was the one that stood out, and bringing SAINTS onboard to do some ad libs just brought it all together.”

KRANE immerses the original record in rich future bass synths, ringing vocals and shining melodies suited for a celebration.

Hear the premiere of his Big Gigantic remix below.


Featured Image: Big Gigantic / Photography by JamBase

billboard: Big Gigantic

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