Big Gigantic's 'Free Your Mind' Album is a Must-Listen

Big Gigantic's 'Free Your Mind' Album is a Must-Listen

After 3 years since their previous album, the live-tronica duo are back with the 13-track Free Your Mind album. Big Gigantic arose out of their home in Boulder, Colorado, capitalizing on the live instruments mixed with electronic music movement, one that they have taken and molded into their own.

Anthemic beats and basslines combined with live saxophone from Dom Lalli and drums from Jeremy Salken, the two have continued to grow since their beginning in 2009. And now, their next big project is the Free Your Mind album, a 13-track project that has been in the works for almost 3 years since their last album Brighter Future.

So far, we’re loving every single song on the album. Collaborations include a feature from Jennifer Hartswick, The Funk Hunters, Ashe, Pell, Louis Futon, and more. Free Your Mind balances between funk and heavy bass that all music fans will love.

Featured image via Insomniac. 

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