Best Educational Shows on Netflix
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Best Educational Shows on Netflix

They often say that Netflix is only for entertainment and that it’s like visiting a movie theater in the comfort of your home. In reality, however, there are many educational shows to choose from. Since the majority of the learners had to learn online, the presence of additional sources of information became paramount. If one takes a closer look, these shows are not only for kids although most of them will be child-friendly. The purpose here is to keep the audience inspired and let one learn a bit differently. These Netflix shows are mostly short (episode-wise) and will help you keep things condensed as you discover new facts. 

Best Educational Shows on Netflix 

America’s Book of Secrets. 

If you always wanted to know about the magic behind Area 51 or learn about Freemasons without browsing all these scary websites, this amazing show will help you get your facts straight. It’s both educational and highly entertaining as you learn about the history and inventors related to the United States. It’s also a great way to find an idea to write about. If you still find it hard, consider reading essay writing services reviews to see what kind of help is available. Just make sure that you always provide original sources, even if you “have seen it on Netflix.” 


This show is focused on explaining things, which will help you learn about anything from the correct use of the slang culture and all these unknown words to the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and the ways to become successful when playing video games. The episodes only take about twenty minutes, so you can learn a lot if you can allocate an hour of your time. There are also topics dealing with health, biology, personal safety, social sciences, psychology, and so on. 

Everyday Miracles. 

Living through the age of globalization and technology, we often forget that we are dealing with amazing things for granted without paying attention to what we have. This show focuses on an exploration of what we have daily and the reasons why it became possible. You will learn a lot about technology as Mark Midownik will guide you through interesting stories and engineering facts. It’s one of those great shows that you can enjoy with your younger siblings! 

Ask The Doctor. 

It won’t replace your planned doctor’s appointment, but it will definitely let you know the answers to those questions that you always wanted to ask. It will talk about it all from seasonal allergies to managing an accident. It will also explain why eating while watching TV is harmful to students, among other things. Furthermore, it’s a great show to learn and deal with your fears as you learn because the answers are provided by trained medical professionals.  

Get Your Positive History Boost! 

In addition to various shows that aim to educate people on specific subjects, Netflix is a great way to deal with those subjects that sound quite boring as you flip through the pages of the course materials. History is one of those cases as you only have the numbers and your attention quickly drifts away. Check out the “Roman Empire” show on Netflix that will help you keep things interactive and learn history with the correct dates and facts in a truly epic way. 


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