benAM is a Producer to Watch After New EP Seraph

benAM is a Producer to Watch After New EP Seraph

Relatively new to the scene, Los Angeles-based producer benAM has made a statement with the release of Seraph, a two-track EP released at the end of 2017. The EP provides an impressive mix of high-energy and emotive sounds that showcase benAM’s chops as a producer.

Starting off with the title track “Seraph,” benAM gives listeners a progressive track filled with emotion. The powerful keys hit with the steady beat to create a near-filmic quality, while the plasticity of the accompany synthesizer adds another layer of texture. “Daze” is perhaps the polar opposite of “Seraph,” providing a frantic, woozy atmosphere that creates an atmosphere of a futuristic cityscape. The constant hustle and bustle of the track being almost numbing at times, but giving the listener enough space to examine the intricacies of the track.

Through these two tracks alone, benAM has managed to craft an identity and sound that is impressive, to say the least. We’re excited to hear more from him as he further refines his sound and develops into a producer that every EDM fan will know of.

Give benAm a listen below!

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