Behind One of The Top Hits of All Time: Darude Talks 'Sandstorm'
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Behind One of The Top Hits of All Time: Darude Talks ‘Sandstorm’

One of electronic music’s most identifiable tracks, “Sandstorm”, is coming on its 18th year in 2018. As the years continued, the song began to become even more popular as the testament of jokes: memes, videos, etc. Since his entry into music production in 1996, the Finnish producer broke the music charts with this release in the early 2000’s. Across the world, everyone is familiar with the tune.

In the interview below, Darude explains his creative process in crafting the perfect song:

“There was many a night where I went to the club, come 3:30 when people started to be kicked out, I basically ran home, turned on my computer, and started making music, having just heard something I’d really liked.”

The fifteen-minute interview showcases the iconic development from conception to reception. Undoubtedly, this video will go down in music history.


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