"Bedroom Bass" Producer Sean Turk Debuts Remix of CVBZ’s “Be Like You”
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“Bedroom Bass” Producer Sean Turk Debuts Remix of CVBZ’s “Be Like You”

New York native Sean Turk has been busy the past ten months. With over 225 different article features for over 35 different publications, Turk’s name is constantly being mentioned as one of the rising artists of 2017.

His unique blend of soulful RNB combined with seamless electronic production has created a truly unique sound Turk dubs “Bedroom Bass”.

Over the past year, the River Beats staff has shown our love for both Turk and his “Bedroom Bass” sound. Today, we are proud to show our continued support for the New York native as he debuts his latest remix of Los Angeles based singer/producer CVBZ. The song, titled “Be Like You”, has been streamed over 8 million times. 

The remix, which officially debuted on Ultra Records, is a perfect compliment to Turk’s sensual Bedroom vibe. Give the track a listen and check out some of the stellar remixes Turk has been laying down all year!

Bedroom Bass is officially here to stay!

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