Beats Antique Entrance With Latest Single 'Sage' [Watch/Listen]

Beats Antique Entrance With Latest Single 'Sage' [Watch/Listen]

Beats Antique has the ability to transform you into an ethereal world, a world that doesn’t feel real. Their worldly tribal beats dive into a combination of “imaginative invention” and the “foundation of those who came before us.” Their newest single, titled “Sage” dives into this meditative world and pushes the listener to prosper to his/her full potential.

Joining the Beats Antique journey for this song is Elijah Badua, the son of a close friend to the band. Together, they create the beauty of “Sage,” a song that inspires you to move.  Combine their music with talented belly dancing provided by Zoe Jakes and her belly dance troupe, Coven, and you have something that encompasses your sight as well as your sound.

Give “Sage” a listen and check out the video below.

Featured image via artist. 

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