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Beats Antique and Bósa Release Tribal-House Jam ‘Ouroboros’ [Listen]

Throughout history, some of the greatest musical works have been a product of collaboration. Renowned Los Angeles based duo Bósa (Stephan Jacobs and SuneV) recently joined forces with longstanding friends, legendary Bay Area world fusion trio Beats Antique for the tribal inspired “Ouroboros.” Out now on Beats Antique Records, the track can best be defined as an alchemical and mystical musical experience.

What first began as a session between Sidecar Tommy and Stephan Jacobs during a visit to the Bay in 2019, “Ouroboros” eventually evolved into an official Beat Antique and Bósa collaboration. Playing into each of the contributors strengths, the track eloquently brings together the best musical aspects of each of the group’s members. The result is a creative, ingenious, one of a kind sound.

The word “ouroboros” signifies the unification of the spiritual and physical worlds. It represents infinity through endless return. Derived from a mythical story, “Ouroboros” is allegedly composed of stardust, claiming the unique ability to cast spells. The organic instrumentation, most notably David Satori’s prodigious banjo, hypnotic beats, celestial synths, and ancient rhythms, powerfully bring the mythical story to life.

“‘Ouroboros’ is our call from the past as we reach into the future at a time of processing many layers of our physical and spiritual realms,” Bósa said in a press statement. “Herein the spirit can take time to reflect as it prepares for a celestial reboot.” The result of their work is an intricate and complex tapestry of sonic euphoria.

Check out “Ouroboros” below:

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