Bearson Unleashes Dreamy Soundscapes in 'All In' [Listen]

Norway-native Bearson is showing us his softer side with his latest release “All In.” Hopping on the soft tune is Georgia Ku and JRM, providing the perfect compliments to a heavily acoustic release. Through his pop-oriented eye for music, Bearson manages to translate his sound into kaleidoscopic bursts of color.

Give “All In” a listen below:

If you’re unfamiliar with Bearson, he’s no new name to the game. His past releases include a hefty list of collaborations including songs with Josh Pan, Whethan, and more. His start in music is anything but normal, diving into producing as a teenager after learning that one could create full songs via computer. After just getting started in music, he launched his very own label in 2014: Next Wave Records. Now, with years of experience under his belt, Norway’s token golden boy continues to prove his impressive abilities as a diverse collaborator and producer.

Featured image via artist.

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