Here's Why We Think Rezz and Bassnectar Have A Collab in the Works
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Here’s Why We Think Rezz and Bassnectar Have A Collab in the Works

All it takes is one tweet to cause some chaos on the internet. Unless you have been under a rock the past two years, Donald Trump is famous for this type of tweet madness.

And now after a very subtle but straightforward tweet yesterday, REZZ is causing some tweet madness herself. REZZ tweeted at 4:10 pm yesterday that she was “gonna collab on a track with Bassnectar.” While this doesn’t confirm anything officially, if someone like REZZ rise announces a possible collab with Bassnectar, it will probably happen.

See the tweet for yourself below. 

Do you think REZZ and Bassnectar are working on a collab? Do you think they have even discussed it? Or is REZZ just manifesting something that we know will happen one day?

Only time will tell. REZZ has been known to drop several Bassnectar songs in her sets, so the possibility is strong for this one. The two had an encounter on Twitter late last year, in which Bassnectar praised the young producer.


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