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Bassnectar is Working on a ‘Free-for-All Celebration’ After Trump’s Impeachment

It’s no secret that Bassnectar is NOT a fan of Trump. He utilizes his platform to share his thoughts and opinions and those that have been following him for a while are not new to his outspokenness on the subject.

On April 1, 2017, Bassnectar tweeted “All these April Fools announcements of shows I’m playing are cute but not real. The only real one is I’ll play 4 free at trumps Impeachment.” On December 10, 2019, when the House of Representatives filed two impeachment articles against Trump, he once again took to Twitter – which has since been deleted – saying:

“OH YES! Long deserved IMPEACHMENT of the most corrupt president in our history is INCOMING. So where should we do this free show? Hold his orange ass to the same fire u would have treated obama with & maybe then the republicans & fox news can see how it feels to be honest?”

And although the House has voted to Impeach Donald Trump, this is just the beginning, as the Senate will now take over and decide the fate of Trump. Since the Republicans have a majority in the Senate, it is highly unlikely that Trump is removed from office.

But that didn’t stop Bassnectar……

This morning, he blew up Twitter once more that the free-for-all celebration is indeed happening. The party will happen alongside Headcount (register to vote organization) and Be Interactive HQ. Stay tuned for more details on the party, and let him know where you think it should take place!

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